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Calm in the Storm

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Genpower Australia built containerised shelters that have survived Cyclone Ilsa in WA, Australia.
One of our Telco customers have informed us that the containerised shelters that were constructed last year have managed to withstand Cyclone Ilsa, a cyclone that was claimed one of the strongest in some 14 years in WA.

The shelters were initially designed and constructed to withstand up to Category 5 cyclone, so when Cyclone Ilsa was first reported in April, it was considered to be a perfect "real" field test for them. It was understood that Cyclone Ilsa became a category 4 tropical cyclone when it struck where the shelters were deployed, and we gladly learned that the shelters and their extended structures remained intact.

The shelters truly stayed calm in the storm!

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