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Switchboards & Fabrication
With over 30 years in the switchboard manufacturing industry, customers throughout South Australia have come to depend on Genpower Australia to carry out the professional design, estimation and manufacturing of containerised buildings, switchboards, and many custom solutions for commercial and industrial applications. At Genpower Australia, quality is a built-in component. A detailed program of checks throughout the manufacturing process ensures that a high quality standard is maintained every step of the way. The final product then undergoes a comprehensive quality assurance review to ensure that it meets the specifications of Genpower Australia and the customer.

Main Switchboards

Genpower Australia can build modular or custom fabricated switchboards to suit a… more »

Distribution Switchboards

Genpower Australia can build standard and customised distribution boards for all… more »

Automatic Switches

Genpower Australia can supply automatic transfer switches for standby & alternat… more »

Supply Pillars

For connection of underground service cables to consumer terminals. All pillars … more »

Group Metering Switchboards

Genpower Australia can manufacture group metering switchboards for energy retail… more »

Canopy Customisation

Genpower Australia designs, fabricates, assembles and applies sound attenuating … more »

Custom Switchboard Requirements

Genpower Australia offers a complete designing service for your unique switchboa… more »

Custom Trailers

Genpower Australia can construct on-road trailers to suit all your industrial, c… more »

General Sheet Metal Fabrication

With comprehensive range of sheet metal cutting, bending, drilling and welding e… more »

Generator Fuel Tanks

When a larger base fuel tank is needed for extended runtime of your standard bou… more »