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FG Wilson 7.5 - 22 kVA

This range of FG Wilson diesel generator set is typically used for power in offices, shops and supermarkets, and for general domestic purposes.

All models are tested within standard reference conditions 25°C (77°F) Air Inlet Temp, 152.4m (500ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity.

These diesel generator set models are compliant with EU Stage II Emission Legislation.

General attributes:
  • Perkins engine
  • Leroy Somers alternators
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Built to last

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Summary of Variations
Phase Model No. Engine kVA kW Amps Capacity (L) Consumption * PDF
Single P7.5-2S Perkins 7.5 7.5 31.3 45 2.5 PDF
P11E2S Perkins 11 11 45.8 45 3.6 PDF
P14-4S Perkins 14 14 58.3 45 4.4 PDF
P16.5-4S Perkins 16.5 16.5 68.8 45 4.9 PDF
Three P9.5-2 Perkins 9.4 7.5 13.1 45 2.5 PDF
P13.5E3 Perkins 13.8 11 19.2 45 3.6 PDF
P18-4 Perkins 18 14.4 25 45 4.4 PDF
P22-4 Perkins 22 17.6 30.6 45 5.3 PDF
* l/hr continuous at 100% load

The right level of power and solution will depend on your specific requirements, thats why we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs.

Figures in the summary table are subject to change without notice so please use this table as a guide only.

Generators require control panels to coordinate in automatic mains failure applications and in conjunction with transfer panels.  Click here for more information

Generators are vulnerable to malfunction if left out in the elements, generator enclosures are designed to protect the generator.  Click here for more information