Policies - Work Health & Safety

Work Health and Safety Policy

 Quality Safety & Environmental Management System

AS/NZS ISO 9001 / OH&S / AS/NZS ISO 14001


Safety is Our Overriding Priority



Genpower Australia Pty Ltd is committed to proper management of the work health and safety of all employees, service providers and visitors as the overriding priority


It is the aim of Genpower Australia Pty Ltd to minimize the risk of injury and disease to our employees and other persons by adopting a planned and systematic approach to the management of work health & safety and providing the resources for its successful implementation and continuous improvement.


Consistent with this the company will comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.


The implementation of action to help realize a healthy, safe and injury free environment is a management responsibility.


The continuing improvement and support is the responsibility of everyone.

This effort will be led by the senior management team. 



Lynn Morcom