Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Safety & Environmental Management System

AS/NZS ISO 9001 / OH&S / AS/NZS ISO 14001


Genpower Australia Pty Ltd is committed to being the best practice supplier of diesel generating sets for a wide range of applications throughout Australia. The manufacture of containerised solutions is also an integral part of the organisation. A range of switchboards is also manufactured to suit all applications i.e. shopping centres, government establishments etc. The company strives to understand its markets and meeting or exceeding its client’s needs.


It is our objective to adopt a total quality management approach, integrating the principles of continuous improvement of our systems and processes, involving our employees and working in partnership with our clients and suppliers to ensure the supply of quality products that meet all regulatory and client requirements.


Our commitment to quality is driven by senior management and extends to all levels of the company.


Through total quality management, the company will develop and maintain a culture that encourages and demands teamwork and participation in meeting our quality objectives.


This policy assigns a responsibility for quality to all employees. The result will provide the basis for Genpower Australia Pty Ltd to achieve a competitive advantage and thereby prosper through growth and improved profitability.


     Lynn Morcom